The 18th board has been installed in the latest General Members Meeting on the 27th of September 2017. We will be the board for the 2017-2018 college year under the name “Rocket Power”


For their email adresses, please change @ava… to Unfortunately we get a lot of spam, this way at least spambots have a harder time finding us.

We are:

Pim Meijer


About: Pim is studying Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. The general representation of the association will be performed by him, as well as general affairs and keeping the overview. Even though his main discipline is snowboarding, he has experience in longboarding and skateboarding as well. The Snow Committee will be taken under his wing this year.


Brecht de Vries


About: Brecht is studying Communication at Fontys Eindhoven. Her responsibility will be the general contact between the board and the members as well as external parties. Her focus does not lie on one discipline, but she likes to do all boardsports. The Media Committee will be taken under her care this year.


Ivar Zuidinga

Master of Coin

About: Ivar is studying Mechanical Engineering at the TU/e. The finances will be his domain and he pays or collects money from members whenever necessary. Skateboarding is his main discipline, but he also likes surfing and tries to occasionally join a snowboard session. Next to this, the responsibility for the street and beach committee will lie on him.


Daan van Lohuizen

Commissary Public Relations

About: Daan is studying Mechatronics Engineering at Fontys Hogescholen.
As Commissary of Public Relations he is responsible for promoting the association to the outside world and dealing with sponsors and partners. While his main discipline is snowboarding, you ought to find him on a skate- surf- or wakeboard every once and a while. Futhermore, Daan is leading the Party Comittee.



The 16th board

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The 14th board

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