The 23rd board of E.S.S.V. Avalanche Boarders has been installed on the 22nd of September 2022. We will be the board for the 2022-2023 academic year, and our board name is “On The Wall”.




Hey, my name is Noah and I will be your Chairmain this year. I have been a member of Avalanche for one year in which I immediately felt at home with the sports and the people. I was taught to snowboard by my dad around the age of 10, and have started casually skateboarding around the age of 12. I have always loved the sports, and it is therefore no surprise that this association is such a good fit. I ended up helping out with activities for three committees last year, and was convinced to join the board during last years snowboard vacation. This lead to becoming chairman of the 23rd board of Avalanche. The goals that I have for this year are helping Avalanche grow into an even more active and amazing board sports association, organizing many fun events, learning a bunch of new tricks on the side, and getting everyone as stoked as possible!




Hey my name is Stijn and I will be your secretary this year. I was the one that added you to the Whats-app group and I’m also the guy that will spam you for not having a sport card. I started longboarding at the start of the first covid lockdown (yes I’m one of those people). I quickly fell in love with the flowey feeling of dancing. Outside of longboarding I try to join almost every Wednesday-drink and I snowboard every once in a while. I joined avalanche boarders because I wanted to practice sport with others but I honestly stayed for the people I met here. By the time you read this I hopefully finished my BEP and will be working on my master in Chemical engineering. My goal for this year is to expand the avalanche family and just have a good time.




Hi all!

I’m Christal and I will be your treasurer this year. Next to being a board member, I study Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences. I’ve always been interested in board sports, especially skateboarding and surfing, but never really did something about it. When I finally went on my first surf trip, I got sick so I only could participate in two surf classes and on the remaining days I had to stand aside and watch other people take surfing classes (sad). So, this was one reason why I joined avalanche, to go on surf trips (and hopefully don’t get sick) and perhaps become a better surfer. The other reason why I joined Avalanche is that I really wanted a group of people who I could skate with and who could motivate me to keep going and try new stuff. After a year I still cannot skate properly, unless you count cruising as skating, my favorite board is, therefore, my cruiser. But I just bought a surfskate, so you will probably see me surf around on the streets! My goals for this year are, to make sure that the bond between the members becomes stronger and that Avalanche becomes more known to the outside world.



Being a member of Avalanche Boarders has lost of advantages!