The 22st board has been installed on the 29th of September 2021. We will be the board for the 2021-2022 academic year nicknamed “Whiplash”.




Amasja studies Orthopaedic technology (prosthesis and brace maker) at the Fontys. Amasja started surfing when she was 13 years old. A year later she started working at that same surf school. For the past 6 years, she has worked there. Three years ago, she followed the longboard/skate workshop during the introduction, where she fell in love with the association. She liked it so much that she missed all her other workshops that day. Now 3 years into being an Avalanche member, she has fallen in love with snowboarding, and her board collection is increasing every year. This year she has bought her first snowboard, and she wants to start learning freestyle. Unfortunately, due to several knee surgeries, she wasn’t able to board a lot in the past years. However, this year she hopes that, with her task as chair, she can help Avalanche Boarders grow and flourish into an active and awesome board association and to keep the stoke going!




In general, your very first contact within Avalanche Boarders will be with our secretary Jet, who will be stalking you for administrative matters (sorry). Generally speaking, Jet has started freestyle longboarding around 6-7 years ago and has grown very fond of snowboarding the past few years as well. This pushed her to become a member of Avalanche Boarders, to enjoy board sports with other members. Apart from Jet study, Sustainable Innovations at the TU/e, official Avalanche events, and her student team, Jet (similar to Thijs) is stoked about downhill skateboarding. If you have any questions regarding the SSC, you avalanche subscription, or basically anything else, feel free to contact Jet!




Thijs studies ICT & cyber security at the Fontys. He started longboarding on a very crappy pintail board and waited too long to buy a proper dance/ freestyle board because he was very stubborn and thought his board was still good enough. Eventually longboarding changed his life in a way he would have never suspected it and he became totally addicted to longboarding. Once he joined avalanche, he also started to love snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. But currently his biggest love is downhill longboarding and wants to introduce it to avalanche!



Public Relations

Iris studies orthopaedic shoe technology at the Fontys. The love for board sports started when she became a member. After the first-time snowboarding, she was very enthusiastic and she has fallen in love with it. Learning to snowboard and longboard is what she wants. Not to forget the Jump sessions. Iris is really passionate about doing cool tricks on a trampoline. Avalanche has felt as a second family from the beginning.  She decided to join the board as Public Relations, so she can learn how to make contact with companies in an enthusiastic and professional way. And of course, to pass on the love of board sports to others.



Being a member of Avalanche Boarders has lost of advantages!