The 21st board has been installed on the 30th of September 2020. We will be the board for the 2020-20121 academic year nicknamed “(mini)rampzalig”.

For their email adresses, please change @ava… to Unfortunately we get a lot of spam, this way at least spambots have a harder time finding us.

We are:

Vera Tak


About: Vera is introduced to the boardsportsheaven since she was eighteen. With experience in skiing first, her parents wouldn’t allow her to go snowboarding because they found it to dangerous. Ever since she first touched the slope with a snowboard, she has completely fallen in love with snowboarding, and she has quickly bought her own longboard as well. When she became a member of Avalanche, she found her passion for surfing as well. Now her goal is to ride a bowl by the end of the year with skating and to upgrade her snowboard gear! Together with her big passion for boarding and also organizing, she has decided to join the board of ’20/’21 to make awesome events happen within Avalanche!

Email: voorzitter@ava…

Tibor Krols


About: Tibor has had a passion for boardsports ever since he was a kid. It started off with snowboarding and wakeboarding during all the summer- and winterbreaks. Later he also started longboarding, skateboarding and surfing. Please don’t ask him which of these he likes the best. When he started studying Psychology and Technology in Eindhoven and found out there was a boardsports association he of course decided to join. After two years of attending many fun activities, it still wasn’t enough boarding for him. So that’s why he decided to join the board as secretary.

Email: secretaris@ava…

Frank Overbeeke


About: Frank studies electrical engineering at the TU/e. His youth was traumatic due to 7 years of exposure to ski’s, but fortunatly at the age of 12 he learned the way of the board. Now he can be found freestyling most thursdays in the fridge, but also dancing and freestyling on his longboard and perhaps even doing some ollies on a skateboard. And who knows, this year might be the year he gets to learn how to ride some waves.

Email: penningmeester@ava…