The structure of Avalanche Boarders consists out of three layers, which partially overlap. The highest layer is the board. A board is chosen every year by the previous board and than is voted in favour of during the General Members Meeting. The board is responsible for all daily business, they decide about important matters, have contact with other parties, keep the finances, take care of promotion material, etc.

The middle layer consists of the committees. They are responsible for initiating activities and keeping the regular activities on track. They exist out of a committee leader, a member of the board and actively organising members. They are called BeachCie, PartyCie, SnowCie, StreetCie and MediaCie. The first four are responsible for the 4 area’s in which Avalanche performs. Each of the four colours of Avalanche represents one of these committees.

The lowest layer are the regular members. They are sometimes asked to help out with activities and partake in activities, however they do not actively organise them. However they do get a vote in the general members meeting, where major decisions are made and advise by the board is asked.


Regulations and statutes

To read the regulations (in Dutch), please click here: Reglement (2018)

You can find the statutes (in Dutch) through the following link: Statuten (2003)

The Privacy Policy (in English) can be accessed here: Privacy Policy (2018)


Being a member of Avalanche Boarders has lost of advantages!