In for some shredding? Great! The Snow Committee is responsible for everything with the word ‘snow’. We go snowboarding every Thursday night at Montana Snowcenter at Valkenswaard. We also go to other skidomes once in a while, like Snowworld Landgraaf. Once on the slope, we rip it, in other words: we freestyle. This means riding tubes, rails and (if available) jumping on kickers. We also go to trampoline park JumpXL every month to experience airtime and learn different kinds of flips and rotations.

This year, the Snow Committee went rock and roll and our set-list this year will be as follows:

  • Back to the Ice Age – A week of shredding pow, hitting kickers and sliding rails in the Alps along with our sisters DROP and SPIN
  • The National Student Championship Freestyle – A day of clinics and competitions open to all freestyle snowboarders and skiers, organized together with Drop, Spin, DERM, and Stoked.
  • ShredPret – A freestyle event in Montana Snowcenter open to all boarding students.
  • Bispingen – A trip to the dome with the biggest indoor park in Europe

For an impression of these events (and more), check out the Avalanche Boarders YouTube channel.

Would you like to join the Powder Rangers, or just show us an awesome jerry movie? The responsible boardmember of the snow committee is Noah Brinkman.




Being a member of Avalanche Boarders has lost of advantages!