Avalanche Boarders is a student sport association located in Eindhoven. It was established in 1999 by a group of friends who had a passion for snow. Since the last couple of years more board sports have been introduced into our association including skateboarding, wakeboarding, flowboarding and surfing.



With our bi-weekly sessions we go snowboarding indoors. Most of the trips either go to Montana Snowcenter in Valkenswaard or Snowworld in Landgraaf . Occasionally other trips go to Peer (Belgium), Skidome in Rupchen or actually anywhere our members desire. Two large vans is at our diposal to take us to these lovely indoor hall. We depart from the Student Sport Centrum, taking in account possible exams or classes. Additionally, we snowboard outdoors two or three times per year (later I’ll tell more about this). It is also possible to borrow our boards. Additional costs for  transport is divided by all the participants, which usually varies around 5 euro. At the indoor park we’ve arranged student-discounts: €19.50 per trip.


Once a year we try participate in a yearly season opener, this basically is a weekend or week early in the season where we will visit the real snow in the real mountains. Around March a group of avalanchers goes to StuWi, which is a 8 day trip in the French Alpes that is organized by the StudentWintersport association. If there is enough enthousiasm an additional trip is organized that will take place between these 2 trips. Next to that, we also organize a great trip to the mountains (with varrying destination per year) together with our sister associations Spin and Drop. If possible, a powder trip will be organized as well in which we will climb up montains together with a guide. After some climbing, we will enjoy the fresh snow!



For the all the surf-dudes and chicks a two week trip is made once a year towards South-France or North-Spain. Well-known surfcamps will be visited where surf material and surf teachers are available. If there is enough enthousiasm an additional week can be booked! Due to gnarly good conditions, a second trip is made towards Marokko or Portugal which takes place around Februari/March and is usually a week. When the weather is good, we also love to go wakeboarding once in a while! We can do this at Best or at the Kempervennen (near Montana).



As a student sport association we are committed to the Student Sport Centrum of the TU/e. It is therfore mandatory to have a sportcard from the SSC if you want to be a member of Avalanche Boarders. With this you can use the facilities of the SSC and join with our associationAlso, on your online page of the SSC you should indicate that you are a member of our association!


Skating is done under the blue sky or in Area 51. It is one of the biggest indoor parks in Europe. Entrance is € 5,50 unless you buy a multi-ride ticket, which cost 45 euro for 10 times. It’s possible to loan our beginner skateboards for free or from Area 51. The TU/e also consists of a very nice and big place called the Markthal. The Markthal has the smoothest floor you will find in Eindhoven and it also conists of lighst and a roof! On Tuesdays, we can often be found there, longboarding and skateboarding. When the weather allows us, we go on longer cruising trips with our longboard through Eidhoven or even to other cities like Tilburg.



It is well-known that after hard studying and doing sports everyone needs a beer.. Therefore we have our drinks bi-weekly wednesdaynight at 21:00 P.M. at our favourite pub the Altstadt located on Stratumseind. Also a big party with cool themes and bands is organized here twice every year.


Furthermore Avalanche Boarders is noncommittal, relatively small and social association. Everyone gets along very well and if you have a busy month that would be no problem.

If you want to get to know us better, you’re welcome to join us at the Altstadt!


Being a member of Avalanche Boarders has lost of advantages!