In 1999, E.S.S.V. Avalanche Boarders was founded by a group of friends who snowboarded together. They wanted their community to expand beyond their group of friends and also to be open to other snowboarders who studied in Eindhoven, thus Avalanche Boarders was founded. The first years were a continuation of this group of friends which slowly but surely expanded.

In 2002 the first “Studenten Wintersport” (StuWi) was organised, Avalanche Boarders was a major party in this. Because there were two major groups going on this holiday, a group of serious wintersporters and a group of people who had about as much interest in wintersports as they had in partying, it was decided to split these two groups. As a result, Avalanche was a founding party for the NSSK, the Dutch Student Snow Championships. Avalanche Boarders was often represented in the boards of the NSSK, together with members of the other boardsportsassociations, most notably Spin (Utrecht) and D.E.R.M. (Amsterdam). Unfortunately the 2012 edition had a very poor attendance, which meant the NSSK was merged back into StuWi. However the combination of these two groups does mean massive attendance.

Apart from the NSSK hitting off, Avalanche started to become a broader association as a whole. The association was no longer solely reserved for snowboarding, but also skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, flowboarding and longboarding. Though snowboarding remained the main niche in the association, many boarders of different disciplines joined and the association grew over 60 members around 2005.

However in the years following the association shrunk until it hit rock bottom in 2012. In that year, the new board decided to adopt new branding for the association. The colours changed from yellow and black to blue, green, orange and purple which represented each of the area’s Avalanche was involved in, Snow, Party, Beach and Street. From then onwards the association started to grow steadily once again. During the following years, the second surfcamp during the winter in Tagazouth (Morocco) was established, and the surfcamp in the summer relocated from Mimisan (France) to Zarautz (Spain). Also the snowtrips, which were previously held at SnowWorld Landgraaf, moved to the much closer and cheaper Montana Snowcenter and were starting to be organised on a weekly basis. Recently we have started to organise skate sessions in Area 51 on a weekly basis as well. The relationships with Montana and Area improved and now we’re able to offer discounts on the entrance fees to both centres as well. Avalanche has grown to 80 members now and we expect to keep growing in the future.


Being a member of Avalanche Boarders has lost of advantages!