Weth Avalanche barbeque


As first years I joined the two associations Weth(for windsurfing) and Avalanche(skateboarding, snowboarding). Since the beginning of the academic schoolyear I had to choose between activities of the two associations. Join the introweekend of Weth, or Avalanche… go drinking with Weth, or go skating with Avalanche… so it was a huge relieve when I heard of a barbeque with Avalanche and Weth together. Not only was it at Kaffee Alloys, it was also for free!(drinks excluded). The day of the barbeque was not one to write home about, it was raining cats and dogs and the wind was strong enough for a good windsurfsession, but not for a barbeque. So I was curious what would happen with the barbeque. When I got to alloys and opened the door the barbeque fumes kicked me in the face, they solved the bad weather problem by placing the grill inside. This was surely the first time for me barbequing inside. The barbeque was very nice(especially the chicken) and there was more than enough for everybody, and of course there was cold beer. It was a barbeque I could look back to for a long time(mainly because my jacked still smelled like fried meat a few days on).

Author: Rutger Ritsma

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