One team, one mission: Avalanche Boarders at Van Lint Sportsweek

This year Avalanche Boarders joined the Van Lint Sportsweek again with all fanaticism. This week is organized by the SSC the week before the Christmas break. During this week , various associations/groups play matches against each other. Avalanche Boarders joined water polo, basketball, tchoukball, bouldering, knotsball and twister XL. At first there weren’t that much applications from our members, but Kevin managed to get everyone super stoked! This resulted in more than enough participants.

The first day started off with basketball. It wasn’t really a great success but it was a good warm up because later that day we rocked at water polo. Our Avalanche Boarders team kept on scoring and were selected for the finals that took place at Thursday. You wouldn’t expect differently, because we had quite some fanatic swimmers in connection with surfing. We also succeeded to claim a spot in the finals with bouldering.

In the end it appeared that only two people were available that Thursday, since our weekly snowboarding trip takes place on Thursday… And when choosing between snowboarding and water polo, it’s not that hard to make a decision :).

Namely, it went like this: we first played a match from ten to twenty minutes and then we continued with a break from half an hour/an hour. You could already guess where we were at the break: at the bar where we drank beers together, which is basically how every evening went. The beers had no influence on our sporting skills and we stayed fanatic of course!

At Wednesday our weekly Avalanche drink took place at the SSC that resulted in even more fun. It was also Lisa’s birthday that night and that was celebrated very well. Maybe that was also the reason almost no one was available that Thursday…. But it didn’t matter. It was totally worth it!car


What we also really liked, is how nice everyone was to each other while we played matches. We really enjoyed playing matches and there also were no problems at all. This made the vibe even better!

We can conclude that this event was a great success. We are looking forward to the next year!

Author: Vera Tak

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