Trampoline session @ Jump XL

Author: Jasper Voorn

On the 29th of February we had an extra day and with the prospect of StuWi, a group of Avalanche members went to trampoline park Jump XL. There we could practice our spins, tricks and flips. For the more experienced tricks, or for those who did not feel completely certain about their skill, there was a nice practice area with a foam pit. It was here where the most insane spins happened, a few examples: double backflip, double front flip, cork 720. Those who felt dizzy from all the spinning around even did some trampoline basketball. After a full hour of jumping and spinning around we got really hungry, so some of us went to a member´s house and made a big dish of nacho´s with some homemade guacamole. We had an awesome day and let’s hope that it will contribute to more insane tricks at StuWi!

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