The first longboard session of the year: a memorable day

Wednesday, October 18, something happened that nobody could have dreamed of:
Ivar organized a longboard session together with his Street committee members(David and Rutger). We gathered at Strijp-S around 19:00-19:30 and when as last Avalanche’s newly created Food Club, represented by Martin and me(Nina) arrived at Strijp-S, the whole group longboarded/skated/cycled to the Noord-Brabantlaan.

As we arrived there, everybody started longboarding and skating. At this session, as a member it was possible to bring your friends. Nathalie brought her boyfriend Sergio with her. He had never stood on any kind of board in his life, and after a few minutes of watching the skaters and longboarders of Avalanche, he rolled over the streets (very nice, Sergio). Meanwhile Max was flying over the skate spot. Just like Koen, Marnix, Rutger, Bernhard, Brecht and Kevin were also showing their awesome skills. Rutger and Ivar also threw a trick battle.

Just when we thought the evening couldn’t get better, Ivar threw his second girlfriend away and replaced his skateboard with a longboard. Brecht directly documented this moment with a picture. The ambiance was really nice and people where chilling, laughing and skating. Lieneke (our newest member) also brought her own longboard and flew around. Renee and I were actually practicing skateboarding and longboarding because we like both.

Stijn, a potential new member also joined the session and already had many skills to show. (more to come!)

Midway the session, Ivar, Sanne and Martin went to the MacDonald’s while the rest was still working out. I was really disappointed that my ‘amazing dinner’ wasn’t enough for him. The Food Club has to consider whether he can remain a member of the Food Club after this totally disrespectful move to go to the MacDonald’s. 😉

While eating chicken nuggets, Martin still managed to ride his longboard like a pro. After the session everybody deserved a cold beer, so we went to Statumseind for our weekly drinks at Kafee Aloys. Overall it was a really nice session. May there be many more sessions like this! 🙂

Author: Nina van Mourik

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