The Avalanche team, strong and enthusiastic @Van Lint 2017

During the week of December 18th through to the 21st a select crew of Avalanche Boarders endured a week of unusual sporting events and copious amounts of beer consumption. With a team which was lacking in numbers, the competition started in gym hall 2, where a gymnastics obstacle course had been constructed for the first sport of the week.

Following successful wins in the qualifier games our team stood against WETH’s team in the Semi-finals. Knowing that the finals would be played at midnight that same day, our team lost, though with our pride intact. The second sport of day 1 was Waterpolo, where the avalanche team fought valiantly in three strenuous games.

Day 2 (Tuesday) comprised of more “beer” breaks where our team would recover from playing Canoe Polo and Tchoukball. With a strong team and some (over) enthusiastic cheerleading the team clashed in the pool and on the Tchoukball court against fraternities and other sport associations.

On Wednesday, the core sports were Knotsball and Vertical Twister. With the opposition slightly misinterpreting the rules and moderately concentrated referees, the Avalanche team struggled to assault the oppositions half. Though this was rapidly redeemed in the vertical twister competition. Competing against other sport associations, the Avalanche team dominated on the bouldering wall.

With the weekly drink usually being on Wednesdays, it was exceptionally relocated to the Sports Centre on the 20th of December. This being the final drink of 2017, a fitting Christmas picture was taken.

Day 5 our team only took part in one sport, Unihockey. With few players Avalanche took to the court, fighting against field-hockey and fraternity teams. Floorball being the final sport of the week, it was nice to finish the week with a win and a beer in our hands.

Author: Stijn Braunius

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