Surf camp 2015

With credits to: Lara Hermse

Last summer we went on Avalanche Surcamp, Zarautz was the spot we went to. A big group of cars and a van went to the camping. Some of the people were already in the area, thus they joined the group later on. In the end we were with a total of 14 people. The group that had been travelling all night were tired and exhausted, but the camp had to be setup thus this was done with sleepy heads. Fortunately the atmosphere was cozy and nice. The camp consisted of two tables and chairs with a party tent above them. The tents were all positioned around the party tent, which made quite a campsite.


If I think of surf camp right now the only things I can think of are: sick surf sessions, great nights out, outstanding city trips and much fun!

Surf Sessions

Many boards were taken to Zarautz for all kinds of levels and some people had brought their own board. Overall everyone surfed at their own level and even together with people with a higher or lower level than theirs. This is what Avalanche is, a very cozy and close association. Everyone will help you if needed. The beginners were surfing on the soft-tops and were happy with their first time standing and the experienced ones were peddling out and surfing down the line on the big waves. A few of the beginners thought that they could handle the big waves too, but they were fastly flushed away to the beach. In the end everyone learned new stuff during this surf camp.



Nights out

Everything was settled real well: fresh food every night, a few went to run errands, others cooked and others cleaned the dishes. After diner a beer was drunk and this ended up in a chill session afterwards. Around 12 pm the campsite needed to be quiet and the party went over to the center of Zarautz. In a bar, (by us) called the cave, we could get shots for 70 cents! Therefore many shots were taken at this bar. A bar named La Kupela lay next to the Cave and here you could get beers for €1;. Because all these bars lay quite close together you were never alone, there were always Avalanchers to be found. Most people were dancing until the early hours and some had a ‘refrigeration’ on the road back. What this means: ‘No idea.’ Just come along next year!

We also went to the top of the nearby hill to drink self-made beach punch and look at the sun set. This was a very memorable evening.




A trip to the beautiful city of San Sebastian could not miss on this surf camp. The swell was not really well this day, thus a perfect opportunity to head over to San Sebas. Here we ate delicious tappas in a cozy café. In the end you told the bartender how many drinks and tappas you had had and you paid. Of course Bilbao was also visited, this was a great city to see too!

The nice thing about (this) surf camp is that we met new people all the time and they just joined at chill sessions and went out with is in the evening. Three of them even brought a drumkit and guitar (with amp!), thus these were carried to the beach one night and we had an awesome jamsession at sunset. This resulted in some great pictures too! Of course a campfire and some beers could not be missed, this made the whole thing perfect.


Thanks for the ones who came along and until next year for all of you!


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