Snowtrip @ Montana 22-10-20

It was once again time for another awesome snowtrip to Montana! Hell yeah! What seamed to be a normal snowtrip, soon turned out to be one of my most amazing trips. First we left in different cars and one of the vans, because of the corona virus. Our car arrived first so we had to wait for the van to come with all of our stuff. In the mean time we played, very appropriately, some Christmas songs. Welcome to my guilty pleasure!

When the van arrived we had to get dressed outside, and we quickly went inside to start boarding. Because of the corona virus we almost had the whole slope for us, avalanche, alone. There was a box and 2 tubes. Most people were doing sick tricks on them. So Annemoon and I became very stoked and wanted to try the box for the first time. Got to be honest, it was freaking scary to give in to the fact that once you’re on the box, you cannot do a single thing anymore. Butttt… after some hesitation we both tried it and not to brag, but we both nailed it! Ever heard of a “pret face”? Well we had one! And we were not the only ones having fun and learning new things. Some boarders started to nail their curves and others were trying out new sick tricks on the tubes.

In conclusion one super sick, stoked and Christmassy snowtrip!


~ Amasja

Edit by Micky Verhoeven

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