Another Thursday, another snowboard sesh! Tibor had the genius idea to let me drive the Montana-mobile, so the van was one of the first to arrive (due to my amazing navigational skills!). We used multiple cars and a van to stick to the new rules as good law-abiding citizens and made our way to Montana. Some of us found it way too cool outside to change so most of us got changed inside. Finally, we went inside to see the glorious (sort of) fresh snow. The evening started calm, but soon it was bustling with other snowboarders and some skiers. We laid down 3 pipes to shred over and we also made quite some use of the box that was already placed. I really wanted to try to make use of the tubes, and I sure did try. Luckily, most of the others were more successful in this than me, but you cannot learn without failing. And even though I made only a little progress I still had lots of fun and everyone else as well (I hope)

~ Casper

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