Snowboarding in Skidome Rucphen

I was so excited to go snowboarding in Rucphen for the first time, and all in all it was totally beyond my expectation. I am honestly pretty new in Avalanche but it felt so good to join the committee. I am one of the few international students, but they are so hospitable and passionate all the time so we had lots of wonderful experiences together.

It has been nearly a month since the last time I went snowboarding in Risoul, and I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t seen the snow for a while. So after the weeks of rest, I couldn’t wait to try something new and hit the box.


It took us over an hour to drive there but it totally worth the ride. (It is much bigger than Montana and more boxes fit to hit, they even have little hills to “fly”). Both beginners and advanced can enjoy them selves there and we did. Long tubes for the brave ones to strengthen their potentials and also small platforms friendly to the green hands.


I love the feeling when a group of people is chatting together at the top of a hill so much. They’ll cheer for a super good move and sometimes care for the hurt ones. Also some useful tips make me feel more confident to try something new, which makes me love snowboarding even more.

I knew the pain in my muscles would wake me up the next morning and I sometimes think of how hard I play myself, but that can not stop my love for snowboarding and you Avalanche guys.


I regret joining in so late and hope to create more fun in the future! ٩(๑ᵒ̴̶̷͈᷄ᗨᵒ̴̶̷͈᷅)و


Author: Zita Wang

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