ShredPret 2019

It’s back: ShredPret 2019! On May 18th, Avalanche Boarders organizes the fourth edition of this beautiful and amazing event. The goal of this event is to gather as much as possible snowboarding students that will make the park features unsafe at Montana Snowcenter. Through this event, we hope to improve contact between snowboarders in the Netherlands. For sure, it will be an epic day!

We want to ensure a great day for every snowboarder with any skill level, thus the park will be designed for all freestyle levels. With competitions, we want to challenge you to show us your best.

  • Date: 18 mei 2019
  • Time: 14:00 – 21:00h
  • Price: €21,- (pre-sale) or €26,- (at the door)
  • Location: Montana Snowcenter, Kempervennendreef 4, 5563 VB Westerhoven

Travelling options!

You can use the Pendel van to Montana Snowcenter which departs Eindhoven station to Montana Snowcenter and back (€ 5,99-)
Please sign up with the ticket system below and fulfill your payment to ensure a seat! Note: there are limited seats per time slot, first come first serve!


Departure Eindhoven station 11:00h – Arrival Montana 11:45h (6 seats)
Departure Eindhoven station 12:30h – Arrival Montana 13:15h (8 seats)

Departure Montana 19:00h – Arrival station 19:45h (8 seats)
Departure Montana 20:30h – Arrival station 21:15h (6 seats)

Pendel van ticket

[paytium name=”Pendelbus Shredpret 2019″ description=”Product naam” amount=”5,99″ button_label=”Bestellen”]
[paytium_field type=”text” label=”TelefoonNr: (+316 12 34 56 78)” required=”true” /]
[paytium_field type=”radio” label=”Station to Montana” options=”11:00-11:45/12:30-13:15″ /] [paytium_field type=”radio” label=”Montana to Station” options=”19:00-19:45/20:30-21:15″ /] [paytium_field type=”text” label=”Opmerking” required=”true” /]
[paytium_field type=”email” label=”Email” required=”true” /]
[paytium_total /]

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