Practising our jumping and gymnastics skills together with SUCA

Avalanche Boarders, one of the many student sports associations in Eindhoven. Once established as a student snowboard association, we are now so much more than that! You can almost fill your entire week with all the weekly activities being organized. Snowboarding, skateboarding, drinks, you name it. In addition, we organize a trampoline session at Jump XL, Eindhoven, each week. You might wonder, how does jumping trampoline relate to snow/skateboarding? I’ll explain in short;

Some of our members like  to jump through the air, on and over obstacles, in all possible ways. Now, not all of us are born to be in the sky (some more than others though), so it can be useful to practice some “air and body awareness”. And that, my dear friends, is why we go for jumping trampoline.

The funny thing is that, trampoline  jumping (almost) transcends our own board sports. Because of this there is an opportunity to connect with our fellow students at SUCA, the student  gymnastics association. SUCA trains in a gymnastics facility in Eindhoven/Woensel at the Vijfkamplaan.

On a beautiful Monday in December (there was snow everywhere!), we’ve had the chance to play around in this facility with SUCA. There they were , the big, beautiful trampolines of our dreams!

They looked quite intimidating, but they showed great potential! In addition, we could make use of all other features this facility provided; two foam pits (big pit with foam blocks in it to land softly), a big springy square (around 14m2) for some flat ground action and balance beams for those in need of coordination and balance training.

All in all, a lot of opportunities to practice body awareness and coordination. And most importantly, there were people to explain how to, or how not to do things! We made good use of this opportunity.

These are the days on which we can learn from one another, progression can be made and boundaries are pushed. And that is what most of us are all about: developing yourself, challenging yourself and sharing this experience with the beautiful people around us!

At the end of such a night it is always a pity to realize that we don’t do this on a weekly basis. But we will have another opportunity in the future! And who knows, we might share a comparable experience with an entirely different student sports association, broaden our horizons even further and share even more with others!

Author: Maarten Kamps

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