Playing Beerpong with Meijer & Co

Last month the party committee organized a beer pong competition. After this was announced I immediately decided to join and not just me because 11 teams joined the competition. The teams consisted of old and new members mixed which I really liked. Being a new member it is nice to get the chance to meet new people and the minute I joined Avalanche I felt very welcome. I became a team together with Ruben. The committee organized the competition very well, each team got to play 2 rounds against a team of their choice. The teams that won both of these rounds would enter the semi-finals.

The first round went better than expected, we had to drink only two of our cups before winning so this gave us some confidence. Sadly, Ruben and I lost our second round and were therefore no longer in the competition. To process this loss I decided to join in getting some comfort food across the street.

When we returned the last games were played and only two teams were left. Ivar and David against Emmy and Pim. Ivar and David were very confident (with reason) during the evening but Emmy and Pim worked great together. The final took some time and we were all watching around the table. After some tense moments Pim and Emmy scored the deciding cup and became the best Avalanche Beer Pong players! Even though there were some very passionate players the atmosphere stayed great and everyone had a fun time.

I would definitely join again if another event like this one would be organized!
Author: Rosanne Bunt

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