Practising our jumping and gymnastics skills together with SUCA

Avalanche Boarders, one of the many student sports associations in Eindhoven. Once established as a student snowboard association, we are now so much more than that! You can almost fill your entire week with all the weekly activities being organized. Snowboarding, skateboarding, drinks, you name it. In addition, we organize a trampoline session at Jump … Lees meer

The first longboard session of the year: a memorable day

Wednesday, October 18, something happened that nobody could have dreamed of: Ivar organized a longboard session together with his Street committee members(David and Rutger). We gathered at Strijp-S around 19:00-19:30 and when as last Avalanche’s newly created Food Club, represented by Martin and me(Nina) arrived at Strijp-S, the whole group longboarded/skated/cycled to the Noord-Brabantlaan. As … Lees meer