We recently had our second swimming sesh of the year on a cold Friday morning, and luckily this time the sports center hadn’t double-booked the pool :). Since we had left the fins on since last time, there was no setup time necessary, allowing us to dive straight into the pool. It became clear immediately that my body had suffered through these harsh corona times, as it took nearly no time at all to exhaust myself. Luckily those surfboard thingys are quite comfortable to just lie down on. Kyra came up with the idea to jump onto the surfboards from outside the pools, which turned out to be a much more effective way to simulate actually standing on the surfboards. This is because without any speed it’s like trying to pass through an iceberg on a cruise ship. In the end, we did some regular swimming, practiced our turtle rolls, and had a great time in the pool. never head a better start of my day. Definitely a recommendation for those that have not tried it yet!

Peace out


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