Paddling and swimming @ SSC swimming pool 20-10-20

The week before the exams Avalanche had reserved the swimming pool to practice paddling and a turtle roll with a surfboard, and most of all have fun in the pool!
The activity started with assembling the surfboards at the Avalanche locker. Since it is hard to store them safely with the fins on, we had to attach them and then walk to the pool. When we got there Corona almost interfered with our plans. Because of the recent change of measures, the pool was double booked. Luckily board member Frank was there and he negotiated with the employees(who were also very helpful), and we were allowed in the pool after all. We even got some extra time. We did have to wait a bit longer before entering the pool, so Amasja, who is a very experienced surfer, told us a bit about surfing. Once we finally were allowed in the pool, Amasja explained the correct way to paddle, turn the board efficiently, and even showed us how to do a turtle roll. We practiced for a bit and I managed to do the first two things, but I couldn’t do the turtle roll at all. Sadly there are no waves at the SSC pool, so after a while of practicing the basics, we just swam and chilled. It was the perfect way to destress before a week of exams!:)

~ Kyra

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