Moviestar Meet and Greet 14-01-21

Thursday was the time for us to get really hyped for snowboarding again. We did this by watching a snowboard movie about a journey through Mongolia. But to spice things up we also had a very special guess that being Rens de wild, with over 10 years of snowboard experience and also being an ex-snowboard teacher. Rens went on this journey to snowboard the highest mountain in Mongolia. A group of friends and a few locals and a positive attitude. 

We watched this video altogether and after the video Rens could give us all the small and funny details about events that you wouldn’t get from just watching the movie. He told us about broken snowboards and how it was impossible to shower for almost 3 weeks (to this day still his record). He gave us an in-depth story about climbing the biggest mountain for 2 days and the process of lifting you down the mountain to get in a position to snowboard properly. And how permits for being in the area could be arranged with a bottle of vodka and much more. It was really interesting and fun to hear all the small details that you wouldn’t get from just watching it on your own. It made the whole movie just so much more enjoyable. 

We also really recommend watching the movie yourself. Some things you can expect are beautiful drone shots and really good snowboarding. Also, a lot of smaller interviews with the crew about how it is to travel through the mountains. 

 We really recommend giving this movie a watch yourself.


~ Stijn

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