The true spirit of Avalanche Boarders is best experienced during one of our activities, however to give you an idea what it might be you could watch our edits, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own seat.

Avalanche Boarders Introduction movie

Hey (potential) boarder, We, Avalanche Boarders, are the students boardsport association of Eindhoven and in this video we will show you some pieces of what we do together. Hopefully you can taste some of the atmosphere by watching this movie. Have fun watching! If you are interested, please check our website: www.avalancheboarders.nl. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram: www.facebook.com/avalancheboarders www.instagram.com/avalancheboarders Edit by Jeroen & Kristian

Zarautz 2018 - First few days

An impression of the first few days of our trip to Zarautz

ShredPret 2018 Teaser

We can't wait until next weekend! Make sure you subscribe at https://avalancheboarders.nl/shredpret

Avalanche Boarders Introcamp 2017

Thanks to everyone who joined us on this amazing introcamp! Sponsors & Partners: Intersport Biggelaar - Ripstar Travel - Area51 - Montana Snowcenter - JumpXL Edit by: Pim & Marnix


Our recap of a long weekend in Snowdome Bispingen during the summer of 2017.

ShredPret 2018 Promo

Info & registration: http://avalancheboarders.nl/shredpret/ It's back again, and bigger than ever: ShredPret! The freestyle snowboard event for all students of all levels. Join us in a sick park in Montana Snowcenter for jam sessions, giveaways and insane shredding! Video by Lieneke van der Molen

Avalanche Boarders Montana Sessions - Send it for Rob


March 16-25 2018, 100 snowboarders from 3 student boardsport associations will visit Les Sybelles to tear it apart! Sign up now, not much time left! Edit by Marnix van Wijland

Avalanche Boarders Tube Session (snowboarding outside in the Netherlands!)

When we finally got some snow in the Netherlands, there's only one thing to do! Edit: Marnix van Wijland Boarders: Pim Meijer, Jacco Hubregtse, Ruben Verkade, Maarten Kamps

Phone Footy

David and Ivar decided to film some tricks and edit them into a video. Enjoy the result! Music: When the lady smiles - Golden Earing Locations: Area 51 & skatepark Utrecht Sponsors: Intersport Biggelaar, Mise en Place Eindhoven, Kafee Aloys Parent organization: Student Sports Center Eindhoven

Avalanche Boarders goes Jumpsquare

At Monday October 30 Avalanche Boarders went jumping at Jumpsquare! In this video you can see how that happened. Thank you for watching! Music: Starboy - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk Back at it - Zetta ft. Areias Location: Jumpsquare Nieuwegein Sponsors: Intersport Biggelaar, Ripstar, Mise en Place Eindhoven, Kafee Aloys Parent organization: Student Sports Center Eindhoven


Shredpret 2017 An indoor snowboarding event organised by Avalanche Boarders for students of all skill levels. The stoke was real and hammers were dropped. A big thanks to everyone who was there! Sponsored by: Ripstar - Thirtytwo & LibTech (by Stairss Distribution) - Montana Snowcenter - Intersport Biggelaar - Mise en Place Edit by Pim Meijer

Avalanche Boarders Top Notch - Landgraaf 2017

Maarten, Jacco and Ralph are going absolutely wild in Snowworld Landgraaf. Thanks for one hell of a session again guys! Riders: - Jacco Hubregtse - Maarten Kamps - Ralph van Megen Filming: Kristian Snel

Avalanche Boarders Powder Trip Kaprun 2017

Avalanche Boarders Skidôme Rucphen 20-4-2017

Avalanche Boarders Introcamp 2016



The 21st of May, 2016: ShredPret! A freestyle snowboard event for students, organised by Avalanche Boarders. In Montana Snowcenter, we built a sick park for riders of all levels. Everyone was throwing down and earning goodies. The stoke and progression were through the roof for everyone! A massive thanks to everyone who joined, and stay tuned for next year! Sponsored by: Blue Tomato - ThirtyTwo - Montana Snowcenter Edit by Marnix van Wijland Special appearance by Simon van de Pas

Stuwi 2016 Aftermovie

Avalanche Boarders StuWi 2016 Editor: Martijn Imhoff Special Appearance: Cas van Wezel Riders: Bram Kist Cas van Wezel Daan van Lohuizen Tim van Lohuizen Iris Toes Jacco Hubregtse Jasper Voorn Kirsten Lammers Mark van den Bosch Nicole Meijer Olivier Oomen Pim Meijer Rick Worms Sergio Spaans Thymen Rijpkema Jeroen Pospiech Martijn Imhoff Avalanche Boarders Website: http://avalancheboarders.nl/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avalancheboarders/?fref=ts StuWi 2016 (Studentenwintersport) http://www.studentenwintersport.nl/nl Music in order of appearance: The Chainsmokers - Dont Let Me Down (Official Instrumental) Rival Sons - Electric Man Bliss_n_Eso - Reservoir Dogs Feat 360, Pez, Seth, Sentry, Drapht, Circus In The Sky Davila 666 - Pa qué vives We do not own any rights of the music or the label companies. All credits for the soundtrack go to the deserving artists

Avalanche Boarders Surfcamp Zarautz 2016

Avalanche Boarders Surfcamp Zarautz 2016 In the summer of 2016, we went to Zarautz for an awesome surfing holiday. We were joined by a group of friends called Dirk, and by Niels. This is an impression of the camp. Enjoy! Avalanche Boarders: Kristian Snel Jeroen Pospiech Ruben Verkade Martijn Imhoff Niek Neuraij Jasper Voorn Rob Bik Sander de Jonge David van Impelen Cas van Wezel Marnix van Wijland DIRK: Quint Lommers Thomas Imhoff Nick den Hollander Romany Kaiser Ruud Swart Jorg van Iersel Tom Verbeek Niels: Niels Vercauteren Editor: Kristian Snel Avalanche Boarders Website: http://avalancheboarders.nl/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avalancheboarders/?fref=ts Music in order of appearance: Sublime - Doin' Time We do not own any rights of the music or the label companies. All credits for the soundtrack go to the deserving artists

Avalanche Boarders Introcamp 2015

Last September we held our introduction camp, introducing the new students with skateboarding, snowboarding, partying and wakeboarding.

Trampo Trick Session JumpXL

Avalanche Boarders @ Jump-XL Eindhoven Music: Kriss Kross - Jump (extended mix) Editors: Jasper Voorn Kristian Snel

StuWi 2016 Teaser

Teaser for the edit of our snowcamp 2016 with StuWi.

Trampo/foampit sessie!

Some shots of our trampo/foampit session in Best at Thursday the 17th of March. We had a blast!

StuWi 2015 Teaser

A teaser for the aftermovie of StuWi 2015, by the Students Snowboard Association Eindhoven, Avalanche Boarders! Visit us at www.avalancheboarders.nl. Credits to Jacco Hubregtse for the making of this teaser!

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