Jump session @ Jump XL Eindhoven 13-10-20

As a new member of Avalanche, I went to the JumpXL session. JumpXL is a trampoline park with a lot of trampolines, including one long trampoline, multiple smaller ones, trampolines up against the wall, and a trampoline with a pitfall which breaks your fall. And what a great experience was this! Everyone is jumping at their own level. This is so fun about JumpXL. From just jumping around to making multiple flips and double pikes. Everyone is trying out new flips and is helping each other to learn new things. This is what I like about Avalanche. If you cant do something but you want to learn it, everyone will try to help you. Everyone was so enthusiastic :).
I made a double front flip into the pitfall and I started learning a new jump, which is still a work in progress.
We kept on jumping till the last moment. Even though the lights went out we made out last few jumps before getting off the trampolines. No one wanted to stop!

Sick tricks happening!

Vera has learned how to do a front flip in this session!
This is the first front flip that Amasja has landed!

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