Intro Camp 2015 (+ edit)

During the weekend of the 19th through the 21st of September, the Avalanche Introduction Camp was held. This weekend is a chance for interested people to get to know the association better, while new members get acquainted with the other members of the associations as well as the different disciplines our association is active in. Friday evening was reserved for the Streetposse, Saturday afternoon for the Snowposse, Saturday evening for the Partyposse and Sunday afternoon for the Surfposse.

On Friday evening we met up in front of the Student Sports Center, both Avalanches and those interested in becoming one. In total Avalanche style, those who had been packing and shopping during the afternoon were a little late but the meeting point was clearly indicated by Avalanches doing flatground tricks on skateboards in front of the sports centre. The excited new board guided the rest of the association to skatepark Area 51 while the old board packed everything into the trailer and followed. At Area 51 it quickly became clear who had experience in skateboarding and who had not. Those who had not got taught the basics by other Avalanches while others, most notably David and Rik, hit it off on the various quarters and banks in the skatepark. At the end of the day everyone was excited but unfortunately we had to leave, because we still had an hour of cycling to the campsite ahead of us. After an hour of cycling we got to the campsite and after putting up our tents and having a few beers we all went to bed to have a good night’s rest.

After a short night we got up again. A few Avalanches had breakfast early to go shaping at Montana Snowcenter while the rest got up later. Soon everyone had arrived at Montana and started changing for the ‘freezing’ conditions of Montana. A good beginners’ park had been laid out that morning, meaning everyone who had some experience with snowboarding could hit something. Those who couldn’t were helped out by willing Avalanches while the rest went showing their moves in the park. Since Montana is an indoor slope, there’s no space for any major kickers. However many jibbing features were put down including boxes, tubes, and a downrail. So soon 50-50’s, boardslides and 180’s (off) were thrown around the park while some learned to ride jibbing features for the first time. Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end, luckily this one was followed by another good thing, the barbecue.

Barbecuing is a major Avalanche tradition, so even after spending the entire day at a temperature of -1°C, the barbecue is lit. Soon everyone was filling their deprived stomachs with some good meat or vegetarian stuff. Slowly but surely the eating became drinking as we were planning a night out in the vibrant heart of Valkenswaard, the nearby town. Unfortunately I do not remember much of this night, but it must have been a good night considering how few I remember.

Following a long night, we had a lot of free time the following morning. After having breakfast, everyone dragged themselves back to their tent and started packing again. After having packed, some went longboarding on the neighbouring road while others kept chilling at the campsite. After some good conversations it was time to leave for the Waterskicentrum De Kempervennen, where we would go wakeboarding. Many soon found out even starting was hard, especially while hungover, so after an hour only Martijn, Rob, Jacco, David, Gabriel and Jeroen remained. Meanwhile the rest chilled out at the terrace while the sun broke through. After a preposterous attempt of Martijn and Gabriel at waterskiing, and Jeroen had finally got the hang of starting, it was time to go. We cycled back for another hour where, thanks to Lara, a meal of Turkish food waited at the Students Sports Center. We were all tired yet fulfilled so afterwards we all left for our homes to receive the rest we needed.

Martijn made an awesome edit of the camp, so to get an impression of it, check it out:

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