Last week’s drink was not just a regular drink. Marnix and Jorg were invited to tell us all the ins and outs about snowboard gear, while we were enjoying our beers. Together with clear PowerPoint slides, physical models of snowboards, a demo of the construction of a snowboard, and most importantly their enthusiasm, they informed us very well with deep snowboard knowledge. Topics such as snowboard shapes, stances, construction and protection were included. There was also a lot of room for further questions and afterwards they were also very happy to inform you more. The weekend after the presentation, Intersport v. d. Biggelaar hosted a container sale with all kinds of snowboard gear for outstanding cheap prices. Because of the info drinks I felt totally ready to buy the right suitable gear. With this new knowledge and the help of Marnix who was working that day, I bought my own board and bindings. Daan also succeeded very well and he bought his first board, bindings, and shoes. We cannot wait to test these out! A Big thanks to Jorg and Marnix for providing us of essential snowboard knowledge!


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