Fuck the Winter BBQ

Wednesday the 6th of December Avalanche Boarders and WETH organised a barbeque. The temperatures were dropping and the first snow of the season was rapidly approaching, but these crazy people would not be stopped.

It was the best way to give winter the old middle finger: It was our annual Fuck The Winter BBQ! At 6 o’clock we fired up the barbeque* and it did not take long before Kafee Aloys turned black with people and blue with smoke. A huge crowd of both WETH’ers and Avalanchers showed up, and the barbeque team had to work their asses off to supply everyone with burgers. The 3 vegetarians in the company obviously got a veggie burger. After a little while pork skewers appeared, and according to classic Avalanche tradition there were barbequed frikandellen.

When the last frikandellen and their vegetarian counterparts were at last forced into already stuffed bellies (because throwing it away is such a shame) almost everyone stayed around because we were having such a great time. Someone by the nickname of Shots decided it was time for shots, and before we knew it, it was closing time. I went to find something to snack, after which I returned home wasted yet satisfied.

*It wasn’t a barbeque. It was a skottelbraai. Still awesome.

Author: Rob Arnold Bik

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