From wave to slope: WETH goes snowboarding together with Avalanche

On the 18th of January the time had come, WETH was about to get wet on a whole other level. The temperature was drastically below sunny surfing and the wetsuits had to be traded for snow-clothing. While WETH was still preparing to switch from surfing to snowboarding, Avalanche was already twisting on tubes and flying high off ramps.

After WETH got used to the cold, they were also boarding on the slope and trying to twist on tubes. With the help of Avalanche also the inexperienced snowsurfers could get a pinch of the snowboarding life.

After two hours of falling and getting drenched in snow, the die-hard chocolate lovers had to stop to get a hot chocolate with of course whipped cream. Together with some ice cold boarders they went to the bar in Montana for the hot stuff. In the bar they also encountered a beast of cold weathers, a husky, with whom they made some awesome pictures.

After a long extremely successful super awesome and fun snowboarding session, full of amazing tricks, photos and videos, the Avalanchers and WETH’ers proudly went home to get some beers together.

Author: Mirthe Visscher

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