Snowtrip @snowworld Rucphen

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Datum en tijd
Date(s) - donderdag 30/9/2021
16:00 - 23:30

Locatie Dommelbruggetje TU/e studentensportcentrum



  • Tibbey
  • Sjors
  • Coen hezemans
  • Noah Brinkman
  • Jorgie
  • Dylan
  • Lynn Passlack
  • Frankoverbeeke
  • Luc van Burik
  • Tom Stuth
  • Jop van der Aa
  • Thijs van de Ven

This week we’ll be going on an external snowtrip. Unfortunatly, Landgraaf is under construction meaning their fun park is out of use. This means that we will go to snowworld Rucphen instead!

We will gather at the SSC at 16:00 and leave at the latest at 16:15 and we will be back late in the evening. You can get your tickets here, make sure you select the right date (30-09) and the right timeslot (1800-2200). Also make sure you bring food and some water! Also, if you still need gear, you can rent it on the snowworld website, but you can also ask Thijs (vd Ven) if you can rent a board from Avalanche for free 🙂

We will go with the ssc vans, but because rucphen is a bit farther than montana there is a transportation fee of 6,- p.p.

See you there and stay stoked!!


P.S. if you dont have a room yet, we can probably make the last train, or you can of course ask to stay the night somewhere :)a
P.P.S if the tickets seem to have run out, contact the board so we can rent a second van 🙂




Er kunnen geen reservaties meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement, neem contact op met het bestuur.

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