First Sesh after lockdown trip @Montana

Kaart wordt geladen...

Datum en tijd
Date(s) - donderdag 20/1/2022
16:30 - 22:30

Locatie Dommelbruggetje TU/e studentensportcentrum



  • Luc van Burik
  • Dylan
  • Amasja Harrewijn
  • Jorgie
  • Noah Brinkman
  • Thijs van de Ven
  • Mike Katras

Wait whuttt we can go to Montana again??? Yes, we can! This week we’ll be going back to our home at Montana Snowcenter in Valkenswaard. Avalanche Boarders will make sure there’s transportation to Montana, so sign up in time otherwise we won’t be able to make sure we have enough spots. We gather around 16:30 at the bridge over the Dommel near the Student Sportscentre of the TU/e. Snowboards can be rented for free at Montana, or can be borrowed from our storage by asking in whatsapp 🙂 Boots can be rented for free at Montana, but clothing and a helmet can be rented for a small extra fee (so bring your own if you can).

Costs for members: €19.50 a night and free transportation.


NOTE: facemasks, QR-codes, and social distancing is required!
Montana has also asked us to not spend so much time in the dressing area (dinner, chatting, etc.), since they have very strict regulations they currently need to follow.



Er kunnen geen reservaties meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement, neem contact op met het bestuur.

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