Snowboard session @Landgraaf

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Datum en tijd
Date(s) - donderdag 25/11/2021
16:00 - 23:30



  • Dylan
  • Zhihan Jiang
  • iriskerkhof
  • dong_021
  • Jochem van den Broek
  • Alina Maria Viik
  • Thijs van de Ven
  • Mike Katras
  • Noah Brinkman
  • Kyra Moviat
  • Frankoverbeeke
  • Tony Hoekstra
  • Tibbey
  • Stijn Lamerichs
  • Ties Hendrickx
  • Arthur Viitanen
  • Stijn 2.0

Next week Landgraaf will reopen its doors to the public!!! So we’re finally heading out to Limburg to shake off our rust!

We leave from the Student Sports Center Eindhoven at 16:00 and will be back at an unknown time, but hopefully in time to catch a train (or ask to stay at someone’s place if your need to). Entrance costs are €24,50, excluding materials (check the website for prices). A small additional fee is devided amongst all passengers of the van for the travel costs (this will be 6 euro’s for everyone using the van). Unfortunatly, only 6 people are allowed in a van, but if necessary we can try to reserve a second one, or if anyone has a car mention in the group and bring as many people as possible!!!

Buying tickets online for snowworld is possible here: Snowworld landgraaf online tickets (this saves precious boarding time :p) Make sure to get an evening ticket (from 1700) and reserve a spot form 1800 till 2200, that way we’ll definetly get the most out of our experience!!!

Be on time with buying a ticket!


see you there!!!!


Er kunnen geen reservaties meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement, neem contact op met het bestuur.

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