Avalanche drinks @ Altstadt

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Datum en tijd
Date(s) - woensdag 6/1/2021
19:00 - 22:00

Locatie Altstadt



Every Wednesday at 19:00, we will get together at Altstadt for a beer or two (or three). This is when all boarders get together and hang out. At Altstadt (located at Stratumseind 71) you can play a game of pool or darts, and they even have a football-table! Accompanied by all Avalanchers this is the recipe for a great night of relaxation.

Due to covid-19 regulations, we have to reserve spots at the Alstadt. If you subscribe before Monday 17:00, we will reserve a seat for you. Otherwise you can reserve your own here. (Keep in mind that if you reserve a seat on your own, you have to pay your drinks at the time of reservation, and they charge 2 drinks per hour. This is NOT the case if you reserve in time)

See you there!


Er kunnen geen reservaties meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement, neem contact op met het bestuur.

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