ALV 11/08/2021

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Datum en tijd
Date(s) - woensdag 11/8/2021
19:00 - 23:45



  • Frankoverbeeke
  • Vera Tak
  • Tibor Krols
  • Kyra Moviat
  • Ties Hendrickx
  • Jorgie
  • Thijs van de Ven
  • Ivar Zuidinga

Hello peeps, a new ALV will be helt this Wednesday. We will shortly discuss the previous year and focus on an important financial matter. We will be voting on important decisions. If you like to attend, please subscribe to this event! The exact location will be announced soon, but it will probably be a physical ALV at the TU/e (Zwarte Doos).

IMPORTANT: If you cannot attend, don’t forget to authorize someone else with your voting rights!

ALSO: We’ll continue the evening at the Altstadt 🙂


Er kunnen geen reservaties meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement, neem contact op met het bestuur.

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