Drink till you Sink! Sint-edition @ Discord 02-12-20

In these uncertain times it is harder to have social activities. Luckily many sporting activities are possible from time to time which are organized largely by the board (skateboarding and snowboarding), but having drinks is harder since bars are closed or have special precautions. Therefore an online drink was organized. This drink was Saint Nicholas inspired with a huge influence of the game battleship. All participants received a packet consisting of typical Saint Nicholas sweets and paper with printed squares. Using a webcam participants were divided in Discord rooms where the battleship games commenced. The regular sweets were placed on a board and used as ships, while special sweets were also placed on the board. When a special sweet got hit the opponent had to do a special activity. These included doing a handstand or juggling items found closely. This resulted in laughs when seeing your opponent try to do a handstand while also trying to stay in the frame of the webcam. For every ship sunk we also took a drink. The combination of getting tipsy, snacking sweets and having some social interaction resulted in a fun evening altogether. My opponents and I had much fun and we would like to thank the Party commission for putting so much effort in, it really paid off!

~ Ivar

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