Party Committee


The Party Committee is responsible for, obviously, all the partying. On a yearly basis, the Avalanche Party Committee organises parties such as the “Avalanche Warning” and a bandnight, usually held at Kafee Aloys. Apart from that there are special drinks which can be thematic, because of a certain event, about a certain drink or together with different associations, such as the BBQ together with Weth, the windsurf association. The responsible boardmember of this committee is (almost) always present at the Wednesday drinks at Kafee Aloys, where the beer goes for €1,80.

For this committee we need anybody who knows how to party, so notify us if you want to join and help out with organizing parties. The responsible boardmember of this committee is Daan van Lohuizen, and the chairmain Nina van Mourik. You can reach either of them by email or talk with him on a Wednesday night in the Aloys – or of course anyplace, anytime anywhere else.

Contact: party@ava…*

*= Please change @ava… to We get a lot of spam, this way at least the spambots have a harder time finding us.