Commission & Beers Night @Discord 11-11-20

Wednesday night is beer night at Avalanche Boarders! Normally these weekly drinks are located at Altstadt, but well, we all know why this isn’t possible at the moment so we met on the Discord server. This Wednesday evening we started off with a short presentation by the board to make us all aware of the different committees that Avalanche has; the party, snow, beach, street, and media committees. The main takeaway was: when you have cool ideas and you want to make them happen with like-minded friends, join a committee. The setting is casual, the only requirement for joining is that you are stoked to make some cool ideas become reality.
After the committee talk, it was time to get down to business: playing party games and having fun. We started off by playing Pictionary, which is quite a challenge when everybody is drawing with their mouse(pad) on a computer. Then we moved on to playing Cards Against Humanity, which guarantees hilarious jokes that do not even try to stay within a range that one would consider ‘not taking it too far’. We closed the evening by playing Codenames. A game that is very confusing to explain, but actually not really hard to play. In conclusion, it was an evening well spent.
Then, a final comment about the group picture. “Wow, are we really this good at taking group pics?” Nope, we are not, this is the result of photoshopping together everyone’s best picture out of three different screenshots.

~ Lynn

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