Avalanche Boarders @ TU/e Introduction week

Hi new student of the TU/e, Welcome in Eindhoven! If you are interested in boardsports, please come visit us at the TU/e Introduction week from Monday 20th until Thursday 23rd of August. Our schedule is as follows: (by Fontysveld we mean Fluxveld) We are looking forward to meet you this week! Cheers, Avalanche Boarders

Practising our jumping and gymnastics skills together with SUCA

Avalanche Boarders, one of the many student sports associations in Eindhoven. Once established as a student snowboard association, we are now so much more than that! You can almost fill your entire week with all the weekly activities being organized. Snowboarding, skateboarding, drinks, you name it. In addition, we organize a trampoline session at Jump … Lees meer

All boardsports together in one crazy weekend

Every year Avalanche Boarders organizes an awesome introduction weekend. Naturally, they succeeded this year as well. Intro camp is a perfect way for new members or people who are interested in joining our association to get to know the other members and each other. During the weekend you can try out the different board sports, … Lees meer

Flips & Tricks @ Jump-XL Eindhoven

More flips and tricks at yet another boardtricks training, not with snow, but on the trampoline! This time one of our members brought a genuine Trampoline practice snowboard from Snowboard Addiction, Which allowed for some realistic board trick practicing. A lot of Avalanche members are learning their first backflips here, getting familiar with the feeling … Lees meer