Bispingen 2018: a perfect closing of the Summer Holidays

What would be the best way to end the hot summer as an Avalanche member? Indeed, we went snowboarding!
In the last weekend of summer break, about 15 of us drove off to Germany with Snow Dome Bispingen as destination. After preparing the tent camp and a decent night of sleep it was time for our main activity: shredding.

The best thing about snowboarding with Avalanche is the variety in skill level. Some people were enjoying their first small jumps, others did four tame-dogs (front-flips) back to back on the four kickers (respect, Maarten) and all levels in between.

The strength of this structure is that there is always someone to learn from and that there is always somebody who learns from you, which keeps everyone motivated and stoked.

The features in the park were a perfect mix for the same reason, there was enough variety for everybody and it was challenging for all of us. And not only the snowboarding itself was great, just the ambience by itself would be a reason to join next year again. After the last decent of the evening, a warm shower was followed by delicious fast-food and a beer or two, but not for too long; being fit the next day had priority.

All in all, it was a great time both on and off the slope. Everyone made it home without serious injuries but with awesome new memories and tricks in their repertoire. This weekend was all that I dreamed of before I became a member and I can’t wait to go to the mountains with Avalanche!
Author: Ties Hendrickx

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