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Avalanche Boarders @ TU/e Intro 2016

Welcome new students! You are about to start the most awesome time of your life, but first: Intro week! This week is one of the best weeks of the year(besides the wintertrip, Surfcamp Morocco and Surfcamp Zarautz of course). Still, this week will be awesome and Avalanche has planned some great activities! The planning of the […]

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Trampoline session @ Jump XL

Author: Jasper Voorn On the 29th of February we had an extra day and with the prospect of StuWi, a group of Avalanche members went to trampoline park Jump XL. There we could practice our spins, tricks and flips. For the more experienced tricks, or for those who did not feel completely certain about their […]

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Surf camp 2015

With credits to: Lara Hermse Last summer we went on Avalanche Surcamp, Zarautz was the spot we went to. A big group of cars and a van went to the camping. Some of the people were already in the area, thus they joined the group later on. In the end we were with a total of […]

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