All boardsports together in one crazy weekend

Every year Avalanche Boarders organizes an awesome introduction weekend. Naturally, they succeeded this year as well. Intro camp is a perfect way for new members or people who are interested in joining our association to get to know the other members and each other. During the weekend you can try out the different board sports, party and chill a lot.


Friday afternoon is where the adventure started. Blue Avalanche T-shirts dominated the little bridge in front of the sports centre, next to all the bicycles, bags, snowboards and skateboards on the ground. There were quite a few new members, like myself, but everyone was really comfortable and it was nice to find out what kind of sports everyone liked to do. While a few members took care of our luggage and drove to the campsite as we cycled to Strijp S to go skateboarding (street committee). Area 51 is where I first stood on a skateboard (and fell off of a skateboard, of course). People with not that much experience got a few lessons from other Avalanches, while the more experienced ones enjoyed themselves with epic tricks and rides. After a few hours we treated ourselves on a beer and cycled to the campsite, where we set up our tents and went to bed.



The next morning we had a good breakfast and started getting ready to go snowboarding (snow committee)! We cycled to Montana, an indoor snow center where we got our snowboards and helmets (for the ones who did not bring those themselves). Again, the inexperienced members were taught the basics of snowboarding by other Avalanchers. The rest of the group hit it off in the park. There were some tubes, boxes and a small kicker. We had a nice lunch break in the sun and then continued snowboarding.


Most people were quite tired after spending the whole day at Montana, so what more can you ask for than an Avalanche barbecue when arriving back at the camping? Not much indeed. Later that evening we made our way to Valkenswaard to go out, because an intro camp is not complete without a party. Since I don’t remember everything correctly I won’t go into the details (let’s say it’s because it was a while ago and not because of the alcohol), but it sure was a fun night!


I woke up with bruises and sore muscles the next day, but that is no excuse to not enjoy breakfast and hear the stories from the night before. To fill up the time gap we went longboarding (street committee), the longboards were provided by Sick boards. We went to a quiet, empty road where there was enough space for all of us to cruise, carve, dance and chill.

menigte longboarderslongboarden michelle jasper






Later that day it was the turn for the beach committee to organize something. Surfing is a bit hard to do in Eindhoven, so instead we went wakeboarding!

After packing up our tents and bags we went to Waterskicentrum de Kempervennen. I found it ridiculously hard, but many people did an awesome job wakeboarding!

Slowly, people got cold though, so some went chilling in the sun while the others continued a bit longer. We cycled back to the sports center and all sat around a table and had dinner in the dark. I don’t believe I’ve ever enjoyed a Turkish pizza more than I did at that moment. Everyone was tired but satisfied and slowly we all parted and headed home to rest from the awesome weekend.

The members of the media committee, Jeroen Pospiech and Kristian Snel made a sick edit of the intro weekend, so check it out for a good impression!

Author: Lisa Frissel

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