A typical street-oriented skate session at Pier15

DSC_0110 At the end of last summer, I decided to pick up skateboarding more actively again. For the last 8 years or so, I’ve skated two, maybe three times a year. Going skateboarding with Avalanche’s active skate crew got me stoked again, and I’ve been going skateboarding almost every week since.

Avalanche has a really active skateboarding community nowadays; besides going skateboarding in Area 51 every week, we also regularly visit other skateparks. In the beginning of January, Rutger, Rob, Bernhard, Brecht, Kris and I visited the indoor skatepark in Breda, Pier15.
DSC_0123As with most skateparks, Pier15 was located in an industrial area outside the city center of Breda and was a little hard to find in the beginning. Google Maps proved to be the solution(again).

Arriving at Pier15, the first impressions of the park were really good. It was definitely clear that the park had been rebuild only one and a half years ago, with everything looking very new. The park has a very smooth concrete floor with all features made of wood. Pier15 is a true street park; there were various fun boxes, transfers, ledges and curbs. For the pool and vert fanatics however, there were only a few quarterpipes available.


DSC_0124  As Pier15 also offered features that were not too steep or high, everyone could skate at their own level. More experienced skaters could definitely find technical challenges, but beginners could also work on their park cruising skills or try to jump some mellow transitions.

In the end, Pier15 was definitely worth a visit!

Author: Mark van den Bosch

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