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The true spirit of Avalanche Boarders is best experienced during one of our activities, however to give you an idea what it might be we have selected a couple of our videos (edits), which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own seat.

Every year we get to know the new members and teach them the basics of boarding during our Intro camp (or perhaps find some talent). Read more about the 2016 intro camp.

Is snowboarding your thing? Then check out our wintertrip video: Stuwi. Each year we go on a 10 day trip to a snowboard-resort in the Alps. Read more the 2016 trip. In 2017 we will be going on a brand new trip: Powder to the People, which is organized Spin, Drop and us!

In 2016 we started with our own snowboarding fun event for students called: Shredpret. In 2017 we will be back with the second edition, which will even be bigger than the first edition.

During the summer holiday, we surf! Watch the video of our 2016 trip. Read more about the whole trip. We also surf during the carnaval / spring holiday, read more about that here.

Every Monday we visit JumpXL to practice our tricks on the trampoline. Check out the video! Read more about the sessions here.

Did that get you stoked? Visit one of our activities or sign-up immediately.