Snow Committee


In for some shredding? Great! The Snow Committee is responsible for everything with the word ‘snow’. We go snowboarding every Thursday night at Montana Snowcenter at Valkenswaard. We also go to other skidomes once in a while, like Zoetermeer, Rucphen, Peer or Landgraaf. Once on the slope, we rip it, in other words: we freestyle. This means riding tubes, rails and (if available) jump on kickers. We also go to a trampoline hall a few times per year to experience airtime and learn back- and frontflips or maybe even corks.

The biggest activity every year is StuWi, this is thé snowboardtrip to the mountains. At StuWi we ride in the park with perfectly shaped features and board in the powder. For an impression of this trip : StuWi aftermovie 2015

Would you like to know more about the Snow Committee or show us an awesome jerry movie? The responsible boardmember of this committee is Marnix van Wijland and the chairman is Jeroen Pospiech.

Contact: snow@ava…*

*= Please change @ava… to We get a lot of spam, this way at least the spambots have a harder time finding us.